Case Studies

City of St. Louis

A Smart Building Solution for City-Wide Integration

The city of St. Louis, Missouri faced two major challenges when looking to upgrade the buildings that housed the city’s top official. Integrated Facility Services (IFS) and Cylon worked together to implement AspectFT.


The first was the severe climate that St. Louis faces throughout the year. Temperatures have been known to fluctuate double digits within a single day. The winters are brutally cold, with many days never getting out of the single digits. The summer months are equally harsh with extended periods often reaching over 100 degrees, coupled with high humidity. Comfort is hard to come by, but was much needed for the officials who ran the city.

The second was taking old and often failing systems individually installed in each building, and replacing them with a dependable, central system; encompassing ten buildings and thousands of points. The new building automation system also had to be durable enough to survive the harsh mechanical rooms of buildings that dated 50 to 100 years.

For this, Integrated Facility Services was called upon to take on the challenge of providing a solution for the city which was reliable, easy to use, and achieved the comfort they were looking for.


Integrated Facility Services utilized Cylon solutions in ten buildings throughout the city which include City Hall, housing Mayor Francis Slay’s Office, the Mel Carnahan Courthouse, The Juvenile Detention Center, Civil Courts, City Hall West Bonds, St. Louis Streets Department, and three recreation centers.


Concentrating on the ease of use and scope of the project, IFS and Cylon worked together to implement AspectFT throughout the buildings; tying everything together with one easy-to-use front end system. With thousands of points through the various buildings, the system is using both PUP and BACnet protocols and is controlling boilers, chillers, large air houses, rooftop units, and more.

The project utilized over 650 Cylon controllers, 4 AspectFT-Nexus, 1 MatrixPNC, and 1 AspectFT-Enterprise. IFS is also able to monitor equipment from other manufactures throughout the buildings using the AspectFT system. There are plans for Integrated Facility Services to add two more buildings to the system, and hopes to control all of the city operated buildings over time.


  • Over 650 Cylon Controllers
    • AspectFT-Enterprise
    • AspectFT-Nexus
    • MatrixPNC
  • Points: 1,000+
  • Protocols: BACnet & PUP
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