Case Studies

Pendergast Elementary School District

A Smart Building Solution for Maximized School Comfort

Located in west Phoenix, Arizona Pendergast Elementary School District set out to decrease harmful emissions as well as lower inflating operating costs. Knowing that HVAC accounts for nearly half the energy consumption in each building, Pendergast ESD turned to Pueblo Mechanical & Controls, Inc. for a district-wide implementation of AspectFT and other Cylon Auto-Matrix controls.


Knowing that HVAC accounts for nearly half the energy consumption for each building, key decision makers at Pendergast ESD began to determine how Building Automation Systems can maximize the efficiency of existing systems. The new BAS had to lower energy consumption, decrease harmful emissions, and help save critical funds with every utility bill.


Pendergast ESD turned to Pueblo Mechanical & Controls, Inc. of Tucson, AZ for their expertise. After working to identify the needs of the district and create a budget, it was determined that AspectFT, the Building Automation Integration and Energy Control Solution from Cylon Auto-Matrix was an ideal application, and proposed a district-wide implementation.

Utilizing various digital control sequences, the Cylon Auto-Matrix solution controls the HVAC equipment according to weather conditions as well as tenant-specified comfort levels. Along with controlling energy management functions, AspectFT provides diagnostic information based on factors relevant to energy consumption and generates reports usable by facilities management, the governing board, and others for tracking energy usage and the operational status of the system.

The DDC system uses fully-distributed intelligence for all control functions. Individual occupancy sensors disable lighting and cooling systems when rooms are not in use, and scheduled preconditioning ensures comfort for anticipated occupancy.

The AspectFT system uses technology including iCalendar for scheduling, RSS feeds and Twitter® for reporting and alarming, as well as other everyday technologies that make it easy for staff to utilize, as well as get the information needed to ensure energy management goals are on target. Buildings are now programmable and manageable by on-site facility staff, and accessible by web-enabled devices, giving the ability to control and diagnose what is going on in each building, down to each room.


The implementation of AspectFT qualified Pendergast ESD to receive over $200,000 in energy reduction rebates from one of Arizona’s largest utility providers, APS. This rebate incentive substantially lowered the cost of implementation, and qualifies the district for continued cash-back opportunities.


  • 865 AAM Controllers
    • AspectFT-Enterprise
    • AspectFT-Nexus
    • AspectFT-Matrix
    • NB-ASC(e)
  • Buildings: 130
  • Occupancy: 20,000 Students & Staff
  • Lighting Retrofit: 2,156 fixtures
  • Control Interfaces: 852
  • Unitary Replacement: 46
  • Install Duration: Approximately 1 year
  • kWh Reduction: 19%
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