NB-V3T Range

NB-VAV : BACnet Smart Actuator

BACnet Smart Actuator

The NB-V3T controllers are bypass rooftop (NB-V3Tb) and zone damper (NB-V3Td) digital controllers. NB-V3T controllers enable constant volume air handler units (AHU) to supply variable volumes of air.

In addition, the NB-V3T controllers' flash memory allows for easy updating.

The NB-V3td model of the NB-V3T product line is BTL Listed as a BACnet Smart Sensor (B-SS).


  • BACnet MS/TP protocol
  • Zone temperature input with 16-bit resolution
  • Standard bypass control device with 5 relay outputs (V3Tb only)
  • Integrated high-resolution static pressure sensor (V3Tb only)
  • Onboard feedback Belimo® actuator for bypass damper control
  • Configurable interlocking for fan failure applications (V3Tb only)
  • Generic damper (V3Td) device for use with NB-V3Tb applications
  • Real-time clock included with NB-V3Tb devices
  • Local scheduling capabilities
  • Can poll up to 16 damper units (NB-V3Td) for demand load
  • Although application specific, these devices can be implemented in sequences that may not require Discharge Air Temperature (DAT) or Outside Air Temperature (OAT) readings

Changing The Actuator Orientation

The physical layout of the NB-V3T allows users to reverse the orientation of the actuator through the use of an adjustable actuator mounting clip. This unique mechanism provides an easy answer to select retrofit applications involving legacy VAV offerings from American Auto-Matrix. Reversing the actuator orientation involves minimal effort and time from an installer.

Product Models

Digital Outputs - Triac 0 0
Digital Outputs - Relay 5 0
Analog Outputs 4 0
Universal Inputs 5 1
Real-Time Clock INSTALLED N/A
Pressure Sensor YES NO


General Specifications
Processor high speed 16-bit processor
Terminations pluggable blocks for inputs, outputs, power and network connection
Baud Rates 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 76.8, 115.2 (kbps)
Input Supply 24 VAC 50/60 Hz 10VA max, 5VA typical, 5A fuse load protection
Transformer NEC Class II
Operating & Storage Conditions
Operating Temperature 32˚ F to 122˚ F (0˚ C to 50˚ C)
Relative Humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing, 40% to 60% recommended
Storage Temperature -40˚ to 151˚ F (-40˚ to 66˚ C)
Dimensions 8.5" x 5.7" x 2.6" in. / 2.04 lbs (not including shipping material)
Agency Approvals
Complies with CE directives and standards
FCC - Class B Computing Device
UL Listed 916 - Management Equipment, Energy (PAZX)
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